Renee Flowers, born Alexandria McHenry, is a professional actress, model, singer, rapper, writer, and clothing manufacturer/designer. At 25 years young, she was born mid-July in Charlotte, North Carolina. Renee started her journey in creating when she found her love for emotion. Starting in her early childhood, she was introduced to vocal lessons and coaching classes from her formal opera-singer grandmother, followed by work with other professionals. Renee fell in love with chorus throughout elementary school and continued to develop her craft. At the same time, she took on Theatrical acting and then later performed in her local Nutcracker show and many others.

Seeing Miss Renee has her hands in many different career paths, people often ask how it all started for her, and where her inspiration comes from… Her most honest answer is a quote she lives by:

“Awakening from your dream character in a play of life.”

She’s quoted, For me, I was just doing what my energy and soul wanted to. I would get pressured by my friends and family members to be and act a certain way I could never conform to. I found my love with emotion in not just myself but, others as well. You see, my parents weren’t in my life. My mother passing when I was 1, and my father was nowhere to be found. I didn’t have a choice, right? No one was there to take care of me. I had to make something on my own. My uncle adopted me and pushed me to follow my dreams, continuously telling me I could do anything I fully believed in. But others were saying, ‘I’m just dreaming of a fantasy world.’ Funny, right? Sounds like a Disney movie, but it’s true and it took time to figure out what it actually meant. Now with my uncle up there too, might I add, way before his time; this is just my destiny. I know it to be true-- I spend all my time creating for people and to feel energy from me in a most positive form. My HEART is written and sung into my music; energy channeled through the expression of my veins. I believe my open heart through my pain and struggle is what pushes me to continue.”

Acting began for Miss Flowers when she starred in an Oscar Mayer Commercial in her early years. Shortly after, she was chosen to act for an Indie-Award Winning Film 'Resurrecting Evil' and starred in multiple TV Commercials.

Renee moved to California on her own to pursue her dreams at 18 years old. She was cast for Playboy, INC. and had a wild ride in modeling. At 20, Renee went into business for herself, establishing her clothing brand, which will be launching after her album release. For her fans, Renee asks for your promise to continue to follow! Renee spends all her time and money invested into her business ventures, studio time, modeling to continue her passion. Please help Renee keep creating music and other exciting content by streaming her single PLANT out NOW on all media platforms. Stay tuned for her album release soon to come!

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